Can You Use Superglue to Fix a Punctured Bike Tire?

This article will teach whether you can use glue to temporarily fix a punctured bicycle tire and the best types of glue to get the job done.

Flat tires are a common occurrence while cycling. And there are currently several methods for overcoming the inconvenience of a sudden flat tire, ranging from run-flat tires to tire sealants and down to traditional tire mending procedures. But can you use super glue to fix a punctured tire? If not, what type of clue can you use?

This article will teach you what super glue is, how it works, whether you can use it to temporarily fix a punctured bicycle tire, and the best types of glue to get the job done.

You can use it, but it is not recommended. Although superglue may be effective in mending punctures, it is not intended for fixing tire punctures. In addition, after drying, superglue becomes stiff and very brittle. This means that any patch with super glue will eventually fail. However, there are some glues you can use that are specifically designed for temporarily fixing punctured tires that utilize rubber cement instead.

What is superglue?

Cyanoacrylate adhesive, also known as superglue, is an immediate, high-strength, fast-bonding adhesive designed to connect virtually any substance. Super glues are prized for their durability to temperature and moisture and are often used with stone, metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, paper, and the majority of other common materials.

Thumbnail for a blog post tittled can you use superglue to fix a punctured bike tire
Thumbnail for a blog post tittled can you use superglue to fix a punctured bike tire
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Can I use super glue to mend punctures?

Superglue should not be utilized to patch or repair a puncture in tires or their associated inner tubes. Superglue (cyanoacrylate) gets dry, brittle, and inflexible after prolonged exposure to air. For this reason, it is simply not appropriate for tire mending. Thus, super glue is a poor option for tire repair.

What kind of glue should I use to patch a bicycle tire?

You can use a vulcanizing rubber cement. This adhesive is composed of elastic polymers, such as gum arabic or natural rubber, dissolved in toluene, acetone, benzene, chloroform, or heptane. As the solvent evaporates, the polymers solidify and link the components together.

Will Gorilla tape fix a punctured tire?

Gorilla tape can and is regularly used to fix tire punctures with satisfactory results. To be able to fix any tire puncture with gorilla tape, first locate the offending hole. Next, apply a little gorilla tape and spread it evenly and smoothly.

Press it firmly to ensure that it has adhered to the surface of the tire or tube, and that’s it. Your puncture is sealed and reliably too.

One advantage Gorilla tape has over most tire glue compounds is that it has significantly reduced the time it takes to satisfactorily execute a puncture, which is not more than 15 to 30 minutes.

Will duct tape fix a punctured tire?

Of course, duct tape can seal a tube or tire leak almost as efficiently as any other sealant. What’s more, applying it is the easiest and fastest means of fixing a tube puncture when considered side by side with other methods of puncture repair.

All you have to do is place the strip of duct tape over the hole while making sure that the hole is in the center of the applied tape. Then, wrap the tape around the tube and press it firmly for a more proper fix or adherence to the tube rubber, and you’re good.

Remember that using gorila and duck tape is only a temporary fix. You still need to eventually get a new tub or tire.

Image of an opened bottle of superglue on a table top. Source: adobe stock
Image of an opened bottle of superglue on a tabletop. Source: adobe stock

How far can you ride with a super glue bike patch?

How long this temporary fix will last depends on how hard you ride. It also depends on how good the puncture materials used are, how well the patching was done, and the condition or status of the punctured tube.

Just remember that superglue is brittle and won’t stretch when you ride, so it likely won’t last for more than a few rides.

If you want even more tips and insights, check out this video called How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Bicycle from the Path Less Pedaled YouTube Channel.

A video called How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Bicycle from the Path Less Pedaled YouTube Channel.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you still have questions? Below are some commonly asked questions about tire patching with glue.

Is it worth it patching a bike tube?

Yes, it is certainly worth it a lot to patch a bike tube. Without even going any further, it should be clear that once done correctly and carefully; patched tubes are almost as good and durable as new tubes. Secondly, it is much more economical to patch up bike tubes than to go for new ones. Another glaring plus for tire patching is the simple fact that patching a tube is environmentally friendlier than its replacement with a new one.

How fast does superglue dry?

A good superglue such as Loctite Super Glue Liquid Professional ( 20 gram) bottle can dry and set in just a few seconds. It can give full bond strength if you leave it undisturbed for up to about 10 minutes. It can also fully cure in a mere 24 hours and can last as long as possible unless the tire is punctured again.

What can I use to patch a tire?

Standard patches are durable and long lasting and are made with rubber cement. This sealing material makes the strongest bond, which can hold firmly for several years.


Since super glue is not designed for bike tires, it might cause more harm than good. However, if you’re desperate and the tire cannot wait, you can use a patch kit instead. Another way to get your bike going again if you don’t have a patch kit is by replacing the tube with one from another bicycle.

This article covered what super glue is, how it works, whether you can use it to temporarily fix a punctured bicycle tire, and the best types of glue. Here are some key takeaways:

Key takeaways

  • Superglue, also known as cyanoacrylate glue, is not intended for fixing tire holes or punctures in their inner tubes.
  • Super glue is a fast, cheap way to fix small holes in bicycle tires because it sticks well to the tire surface without damaging rubber inserts or puncturing holes.
  • Vulcanization is a straightforward chemical process that employs sulfur as its primary component.

So, were you planning on using superglue to fix our flat? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? And what do you think of my list? Let me know in the comments section below (I read and reply to every comment). If you found this article helpful, check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on fixed gear and single-speed bikes. Thanks for reading, and stay fixed.

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