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Brooklyn Fixed Gear was forged in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in Fixed Gear and single-speed bikes. Founded by Yerain Abreu and Bradly Knight, both veterans of the NYC bike scene with a combined 15 years of experience in bicycle maintenance and retail.

Our crew has worked hard to scavenge the best Fixed gear and single-speed bikes and parts from all over the country. Once we found them, we brought them all here, making it much easier to find parts to fully customize your fixed gear and single-speed bike.

Our mission is to make the world more aware of this environmentally and economically sound piece of art we call a fixie. We believe that by educating non-riders about the advantages and benefits of riding fixed and helping them find the perfect bike, we can make the world a little bit happier. 

Shred SF | Throne Cycles & Broo...
Shred SF | Throne Cycles & Brooklyn Fixed Gear

Help support us by spreading the word, and you will be helping make the world a little happier too!