This Halloween, State Bicycle Co. Will Showcase a Green Zombie Fixie

The latest limited-edition run of their top-tier Black Label alloy fixed gear bike is green for the Halloween season.

Numerous fixies and single speeds are produced by State Bicycle Co., with the occasional limited edition being released. The latest limited-edition run of their top-tier Black Label alloy fixed gear bike is green for the Halloween season.

The new Zombie Green Black Label v2 from State Bicycle Co. is the next installment in their “One-Run” super-limited edition paint project, just in time for this month’s zombie wars. Convert it to a fixed-gear or single-speed bike by replacing the rear wheel with a flip-flop hub and adding a flat bar or tiny road drops.

Although State has only produced a small number of the extremely fluorescent green frames, you may still customize them to suit your preferred riding preferences.

The new Black Label v2 has a tapered headtube and a new full-carbon Essor fork made from 6061 aluminum tubing. 

Alloy track cranks with a 48t, 144BCD chainring, pedals, and a lightweight, mid-depth alloy wheelset are included in complete kits. Additionally, bottle cage bosses have been included in the new urban track design frame.

The alloy cockpit may be had with either a broad riser bar topped with Vans grips or a narrow drop bar; both come standard with complete brake sets, which are, of course, taken off for the sake of the fixie-vibe photographs. The reported weight of a 55cm drop bar construction is 8.05kg (17.75lb).  

There are six different sizes of the Zombie Green Black Label v2 (49-62cm). While supplies last, the vibrant green may be yours as a frameset for $300 or a full bike for as little as $630.

Want more context? Check out this video called FIXED GEAR BUILD – BLACK LABEL – State Bicycle Co. // TALI Bike from the TALI YouTube channel.

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