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How to convert a road bike to a fixed gear bike

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Although some individuals like the sense of owning a brand new fixed gear bike, others prefer the thought of creating a fixie that is unique and old. This is made feasible by repurposing outdated road bike frames to build your own unique fixed gear bike. This is normally a less expensive option to buy a fixie bike, but it all relies on the road bike frames you start with and the cost of the components you choose to add. The first stage in the conversion procedure is to locate a store that sells low-cost old road bikes.

A yard sale, a family member’s home, or even your own garage might include nice secondhand road bikes that are ideal for transforming. However, before you begin the endeavor, make sure you pick road bike frames that suit you. Once you’ve found the ideal frame to begin with, ensure that all of the components are still in safe, usable shape (usually excessive rust or corrosion is a sign that a component needs replacing). Then, take off the rear wheel, derailleur, and any gear changing components (you won’t need them anymore). Next, get a set of fixed gear wheels (you may only have to replace the back wheel, but having a matching wheel set is a good idea).

A fixie cog and a lock ring will be required for the back wheel. Because installing them involves specific equipment, you may prefer to have your local bike shop construct them for you. Once your wheel set is complete, mount it to your road bike frame, tighten your chain, and you’ve got yourself a fixed gear bike. Depending on the price of the road bike you start with, these projects might cost anywhere from $150 to $500.

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