What Are Spokes?


Editor’s note: This article was updated on November 1, 2021, to include additional information regarding aero bars.

What are spokes

What does the term “spoke” refer to? It may be defined in a variety of ways: as a piece of steel, a wire, a spring, or, as we prefer, as the link between the hub and rim. The spoke serves a variety of purposes as the connection between the hub and rim:

Carry: spokes support the bicycle’s weight in addition to the load.
Spokes absorb road disturbances and contribute to the rider’s comfort.
Spokes act as a conduit for the rider’s accelerating and braking effort.
When you witness elite riders riding their bikes downhill at speeds approaching 90 km/h, you understand how critical it is to have the highest quality spokes and nipples.

We employ a variety of steel grades, as well as a variety of diameters, heads, and surfaces, as well as a variety of lengths. We provide the broadest choice on the market by producing with care and adhering to the highest quality standards. All of our spokes are manufactured in Sapim’s European and Asian facilities. We adopted consistent and stringent quality control procedures in each manufacturing facility.


Bending of the skull
2,8 mm is the bending length of our basic spokes. This is the best configuration for at least 90% of market hubs.
However, the conventional bendings do occur sometimes.

is incorrect. Steel hubs need a more compact bend radius. With our spoke washer, you can change this (see page 34 for more details).

Sapim exclusively employs high-grade stainless steel that has been drawn to our own material and tensile strength specifications. Sapim’s extensive expertise and many experiments ensure that Sapim spokes survive a long time.

Precision definition and tight tolerances are a continual focus in the manufacturing process. This ensures that the millions of spokes produced by Sapim each year are of the finest quality.

Spoke thread is rolled rather than cut. The thread’s strength is enhanced by rolling it. On a typical 2mm spoke, the thread is identified as FG 2,3 mm.

The wheel construction industry and market demand might result in spokes that deviate from the norm. For some, we’ll need to add anti-rotation components, hammer heads, torsion control squares (image), colored spokes (picture), or spokes with varying bending lengths (picture). Additionally, there are other additional benefits.

Only manufacturers may choose from a variety of spoke models. Our selection ensures that you can assemble wheels using practically any rims and hubs available, as well as repair any conventional wheel. You should contact your local distributor for repairs to special-branded wheels.


Handling of the surface
Black oxidation is a chemical process that converts the surface of stainless steel’s initial few microns to a black coating. This approach has the benefit of being a batch procedure, which reduces the cost and increases capacity (availability and delivery time). This procedure is carried out by quality-conscious businesses that Sapim has hand-picked to ensure the greatest possible level of quality.

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