Introducing The New Metro Series from Temple Cycles

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When Temple Cycles released its first electric bike, the Temple Electric, last year, it made quite a splash. This model from Temple, like many others, features a timeless design; nonetheless, the aluminum frame makes it lightweight and durable. Usually, they stick to the tried-and-true steel, so this is a bit of a departure. 

The standard mudguards and 35 mm wide tires indicate that the equipment is designed for commuters. Bike racks, front and rear baggage racks, and lights are some useful accessories.

The bike may be a Metro Single Speed, with no gear for its drivetrain. The Metro Three Speed is less purist since it has a Shimano Nexus series 3-speed hub gear. The difference in weight between the single-speed model (11 kg) and the bike with gears (11.3 kg) is negligible.

Fixed gear cyclist with tattoos white shirt and headphones riding a black and red fixed gear bike. Source: adobe stock.
Fixed gear cyclist with tattoos white shirt and headphones riding a black and red fixed gear bike. Source: Adobe Stock.

Matte Black and Stone Blue are the two color options for both models, with three different frame sizes. A comfort frame with a lower entrance is not (yet) available in the Metro versions.

Pricing is also attractive, at about 590 euros for the single-speed and 640 euros for the hub-geared version. As was previously noted, the bikes may be ordered with various accessories to suit the rider’s preferences. 

Want more context? Check out this video called Temple Cycles – Unboxing Video – Assembly guide by Matt Mears and Sam Finney from the temple Cycles YouTube channel.

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