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How To Store a Bicycle Long-Term

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Even if you start out simple, you can easily get sucked into a rabbit hole of tips, tricks, and hacks from YouTube and other sources when it comes to bike maintenance. To provide you some advice on storing your bike for a little while, we’ll be telling you how to do it correctly.

The rear and front derailleurs will let you to shift through your gearing by using cables and springs in an external drive train. Any spring will get weaker with time, thus you should expect a drop in functionality. The springs in your bicycle will accelerate their wear if you store the bike in the tensioned or “loaded” position.

When you are ready to put your bike away, you will want to shift into the smallest chainring on the front and back like this:

Fixed gear cyclist with tattoos white shirt and headphones riding a black and red fixed gear bike without brakes - why fixed gear bikes don't have brakes
Fixed Gear Cyclist With Tattoos Riding A Black And Red Fixed Gear Bike

Well look who’s here! It is feasible to extend the lifespans of your springs and cables by giving them a periodic clean. Onward!

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