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How to ride your bike in any weather

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We’re back to the time of year when the weather plays its own games with us. There’s no telling what types of phenomena might appear during the unusually long, hybrid months of summer and fall, in which anything is possible. Today we will take a look at the best ways to enjoy your ride, regardless of the weather!


Some individuals regard the rain cycle as the worst part of the water cycle. For us, it’s a further justification for riding. It’s one thing to splash through puddles, spin around shiny streets, and enjoy the sweet relief that a cold rain provides to hot skin. But one must be prepared for a rainy day ride.

If you are looking to get a little wet, be sure to check out our rundown on how to make the fun a bit more enjoyable!

Fixed gear cyclist with tattoos white shirt and headphones riding a black and red fixed gear bike without brakes - why fixed gear bikes don't have brakes
Fixed Gear Cyclist With Tattoos Riding A Black And Red Fixed Gear Bike

And, if you prefer to stay dry in the rain, you should consider some mini-fenders to help keep puddles at bay. Also, remember to pack some beverages that can stay hot. No better way to cool off and treat yourself after a long hike than to take a nice rest under a tree with a warm cup of coffee.


In some cases, riders are riding in the rain, while others are experiencing streets that are still warming up. Despite the shift from sweltering August nights to Indian Summers, triple-digit riding is still an option, so it’s time to get ready for the heat!

When the temperatures rise where you cycle, make sure to check out our suggestions for staying cool while biking.


Your local weather can be good or bad, but regardless, you can count on the wind picking up. No matter how well you have prepared for your trip, a hammering headwind will drain your energy and deflate your spirits.

It’s as simple as preparing for the wind when you ride. Dress yourself up, and prepare to ride out the end-of-summer storms like a seasoned professional.

So ride no matter what the weather is like; don’t let it decide when you’ll go, because you will never find a forecast you can’t conquer.

Have a great ride, and see you later.

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