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How much to spend on a new fixed gear bike

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The purchase of a new fixed gear bike is an investment, no matter what you decide to pay. While the average price of a fixed gear bike is $360, there are so many factors that play into that price. And as I’m sure you know, there are multiple models of fixed gear bikes. Let’s delve a little bit more into the pricing around these bikes.

Tips before you purchase

Before you purchase your bike, there is a bit of homework you need to complete first. First, you need to know why you are buying a bike. A bicycle is highly customizable. A bike for riding to work will have a different design than one used for riding in an indoor biking competition. Ones used for riding bike trails outside will be even different from those. Make sure you know what function your fixie serves before purchase.

Also, set a budget and make sure you stick to it. If you are new to biking, there is a chance an unscrupulous salesperson may try to push a more expensive bike on you to pad their sales and/or commission. Do some research before you make your purchase. If you have a set budget and some idea of what you need, the person should back off. If you feel someone is trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge, ask for another salesperson. Even better, leave the shop and go somewhere that values you.

Where to find the best prices on a fixed gear bike

While shopping at small local businesses may be what you prefer, that may not be possible if you are on a tight budget for your bike purchase. Big box retail stores tend to have the best prices on most items, especially big ticket ones like bikes. It is difficult, if not impossible, for small stores to have the purchasing power of a Target or a Walmart. If you want a basic fixed gear bike and you are on a tight budget, this style of store will be your best bet. The downside to purchasing at a big box store will be the lack of selection and lack of employees trained on the product. However, if price is a significant factor for you, then you will have to make that tradeoff. If price is not a factor, shop wherever you feel the most comfortable and the most convenient.

Pricing for new fixed gear bikes

As mentioned earlier, the average price of a new fixed gear bike is $360. Keep in mind that is just the average. It is possible to find fixed gear bikes for $600 or more. Multiple factors will affect the price of your bike. The most significant factor affecting pricing will be what kind of bike it is. Bikes that are a single speed with far less functionality will be the least expensive bike on the market. An internet search shows the most basic fixed speed bikes beginning at $99.

However, that is simply the starting line. As has been stated many times in this article, the average price of a fixed gear bike is $360. A quick search of fixed gear bikes on Amazon back up that average. But that number climbs and quickly. Once you start looking at a bicycle other than a simple single-speed fixie, the price will go up. Track fixed gear bikes are around the $600 price range. The most expensive fixed gear bike on Amazon is a mountain bike that sells for $1100.

What factors contribute to the price of a bike?

Quite a few things factor into the cost of a bike. Let’s look at some of those factors.

  • Frame materials
  • Components
  • Craftsmanship
  • Shipping costs
  • Business overhead
  • Any business marketing costs
  • Retail markup

These numbers can be broken down even further. When looking at the total costs of a bike, you can estimate what percentage went to what category. Let’s look at that breakdown as well.

Frame materials– roughly 15% of a bike’s cost can be attributed to what materials are used to build the frame. Carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum are the primary materials used in the construction of bike frames. Carbon fiber is the most expensive of the three.

Components– the average bicycle has between 22-25 components. The quality of the parts is a factor in the cost of a bike. About 20% of the bike’s price can be attributed to its quality of components.

Craftsmanship– it takes more skill to construct some bikes versus others. Materials like steel and aluminum require hand welding to be used in a frame. The cost of quality craftsmanship is about 20% of the price of a bicycle. Building a bike is a labor intensive job.

Shipping– a bike travels through a few different channels before it makes it to the customer. Those shipping costs are built into the total cost of the bike, accounting for about 5% of what you pay.

Business overhead– the company that made your bike adds in an overcoat cost to offset any of their business expenses and operating costs. Depending upon the company, their overhead could account for 20% of the price of a bike.

Business marketing costs– some bike manufacturers sponsor bike races, teams, etc. The cost of those sponsorships is covered by the sales of their products. 8-10% of the cost of a bike is used by the company to pay for those sponsorships.

Retail markup– to make a profit, all retail stores charge a markup on goods they sell. This will be, on average, 6-10% of a bike’s cost.


Hopefully, this article provides you with a bit more insight into how a fixed gear bike is priced. You can then take this knowledge and use it while you shop. Well-educated consumers make the best decisions while they are shopping. It’s harder for an unscrupulous business owner to take advantage of you when you know what to look for. Good luck with your bike search!

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