Check out the Best Fixed-Gear Bikes of 2022.

Best budget fixies

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All of these bikes cost less than $400! These are not the same as the Bianchi, Fuji, or Specialized models. However, if you’re seeking for a bike of acceptable quality at an unbeatable price, these are the bikes for you. None of these bikes will break apart the first time you ride them, and they are an excellent place to start.

1 Mercier- Kilo TT

2 Republic- Aristotle

3. Dawes- SST AL

4. Windsor – The Hour

5. Motobecane – messenger

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Written By Bradley Knight
As a native New Yorker, Bradley is no stranger to the fixed gear scene. He’s been riding fixed for over ten years. When he’s not on the bike, you can find him practicing his many hobbies including playing guitar, video production, and photography.

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