State Bicycle Co. Updates the Popular 4130 Fixed Gear Bike

State Bicycle Co. is revamping the popular 4130 series fixed gear bike after over a decade of production and substantial revisions.

State Bicycle Co. is revamping the popular 4130 after over a decade of production and substantial revisions. The modifications are intended to broaden the capabilities of dependable fixed-gear and single-speed road and commuter bikes, including gravel riding and muddy situations.

The chassis is the most noticeable difference between the new 4130 and the previous 4130. State used a wishbone-style seatstay and a segmented fork for the new design. Consequently, the frame and fork allow broad tire clearance (up to 42c).

The 4130 Chromoly steel frame is strong, but the modifications should help give it some compliance and comfort on rough roads and trails. In addition, unlike the former State 4130, the new frame has a rack, bag, or pannier attachment on the fork and back of the frame.

The new 4130 comes with a 700 x 38c stock tire, which State claims are the fattest stock tire available on a full fixie on the market. With a smooth center for cruising and scored sides for cornering, the tread pattern is designed to perform on pavement or hard-packed gravel.

“Our riders are using these in the city to commute or even to work. They needed something that could handle rain, snow, and potholes. We think these new changes will really help with all of that, plus giving these bikes extra versatility to be used off-road,”

Mehdi Farsi, State’s Chief Brand Officer

The State 4130 also has two handlebar options: the Wide Riser flat bar or a drop bar taken from the beefier All-Road series. Riders may select from four paint schemes, including choices with and without flare.

Want more context? Check out this video called State Bike Co. 4130 Core-Line | Fixed Gear Bike Review from the Zach Gallardo YouTube channel.

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